KATPO Directors

Board of Directors 2017 - 2018

directors iconKATPO, the Kentucky Association of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology, is a state chapter of the national chapter, ATPO. As such, KATPO represents the profession of Ophthalmic Medical Personnel (OMP) in and around the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The KATPO Board of Directors is composed of ten leaders, who are OMP who live and/or work in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Each board member is a member in good standing of ATPO and KATPO, and has a desire to promote ophthalmic education and professional advocacy.

The Board of Directors is in place to serve and represent all of the members of KATPO. If you have comments or concerns that you wish to share with the Board, please email one of us.

 Letter from the President

Robin Caffee

Robin Caffee, COA

University of Louisville Eye Specialists

My name is Robin Caffee, COA and I am your current KATPO President.  I have been in ophthalmology for 8 years and am currently employed at University of Louisville Eye Specialists.  I work with a group of specialist but mainly work retina, neuro, pediatrics and ocular oncology. I enjoy fundus photography and of course my patients!  I look forward to serving as President of KATPO and helping everyone get the certifications and credits they need to be successful on ophthalmology!

Laura Hopkins

Immediate past President:
Laura Hopkins, COMT


Laura Hopkins is a COMT.  She received her Associate of Science Optometric Technology degree in 1979, and after 4 ½ years in the Air Force, she has spent the last 30 years in a wide variety of areas of Ophthalmology. She holds an OCT- C certification from the Ophthalmic Photographers society. She is a member of JCAHPO, ATPO, KATPO and OPS, and is a 2014 Phil Weber Scholarship award winner. She has study groups for assistants wanting to achieve the next level of certification.

Julia Doering

President Elect:
Julia Doering, COA

Lexington Clinic

I have been in eye care for over 30 years. I currently work at Lexington Clinic with Dr. David Kielar who specializes in glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes. My background includes refractive surgery, clinical management, retina, glaucoma and general ophthalmology. I enjoy working with patients and educating fellow partners in ophthalmology. I became involved in KATPO in 2007 and became treasurer for KATPO in 2014. I am currently KATPO's President-elect and look forward to serving our community of ophthalmic personnel. It has been a great honor to serve on this board and to be active in helping others achieve certification and knowledge in the field of ophthalmology.

Misty Moore

Vice President:
Misty Moore, COT

Ophthalmology Group

Misty has worked in Ophthalmology for 13 years, both in Virginia and Kentucky. She is currently employed by The Ophthalmology Group in Paducah, KY as lead technician for Dr. Jeffery Taylor.  She started her Ophthalmology career as a receptionist, but quickly realized that she wanted to become a technician.   She obtained her COA in 2008 and her COT in 2012.  She was elected to the Board of Directors in 2014 as Secretary and is currently serving as Vice President.  

Meranda Sandlin

Meranda Sandlin, COT

LASIK tech and UK Eye Center Richmond

Meranda started out in eye care 10 years ago with the University of Kentucky. Currently she works as a technician, LASIK tech, and surgery coordinator at UK Eye Center Richmond, KY satellite office. She has experience working with all aspects of ophthalmology but currently works with cornea, glaucoma, retina, and pediatrics. Meranda enjoys connecting and caring for patients along with helping educate others. She has taught one CE class for fellow technicians at UK. She has enjoyed attending all KATPO yearly meetings since starting in the field and has served one year on the KATPO nomination committee and helped with the continuing education committee.

Karen Susco

Karen Susco, COMT

Kentucky Eye Institute

Karen has been working in ophthalmology for 28 years.  She has spent those years at the Kentucky Eye Institute.  She has had several roles there starting out as a scribe, certifying as a COMT and now is the Clinical Director.  Karen has had the opportunity to teach the COA Written Exam Reviews for ATPO and KATPO since 2006.  She has served ATPO and KATPO in several board capacities including President of both organizations.  She is a Fellow Member of both organizations as well.

Mary Bledsaw

Mary A. Bledsaw, COA

Eye Clinic/Surgery Services
Roby Rex VA Hospital

Mary has worked in ophthalmology for 15 years. Currently she is the newest addition to the Roby Rex Veterans Administration Hospital Eye Clinic. She feels honored to be able to give quality ophthalmology care to our Veterans. Previous opportunities have allowed her to work in DRCR research, Retina , Cornea and Refractive clinics, also to first assist in retina and refractive surgeries. In 2013, she organized an eye clinic in conjunction with a Back-to School Health fair, during this event with the help of University of Louisville and John Kenyon 47 children received eye exams prior to entering school for the first time. Mary is currently serving on KATPO's continuing education committee and Tech Bowl committee.

Michelle Gorman

Michelle Gorman, COA

John Kenyon Eye Center

I've been working in ophthalmology for 11 years. I started at 20/20 Eyecare when I was 19 years old. I received an opportunity six years later to join John Kenyon Eye Center. I am still working at John Kenyon as a Biometry Technician. I also scribe, work-up patients and perform any test on our diagnostic equipment. In March of 2016 I became COA certified and I am currently working towards my ROUB certification.  I was asked to become a member of the Board of Directors for KATPO in 2017.

Marti Reid

Marti Reid, COA

Koffler Vision Group

I began my career in 1984 working as a receptionist for Sears Optical. I got my optical training and began I&R classes for the optometrist. I wanted to learn more about the eyes and was hired by Dr. Doug Back in Lexington, KY in 1989. I learned a lot about ophthalmology, Humphrey Visual Fields and fundus photography. I still wanted to learn more and became a retinal angiographer/ photographer and obtained my C.O.A. with Retina Associates of KY in 1993. In continuing my studies in ophthalmology, I began working at Koffler Vision Group in 2004, learning about refractive surgery as well as corneal surface dystrophies. I very much enjoy working in the field of ophthalmology. Helping restore eyesight for a patient is a wonderful feeling. I also want to help educate people about the field of ophthalmology and the need for more involvement.

Mona Carpenter

Executive Director:
Mona Carpenter, COMT


Mona is a COMT with 36 years of experience in ophthalmology. She has worked in university settings and private practice; in general ophthalmology, retina practices, and low vision services; as a surgical assistant, photographer, technician supervisor, clinical research coordinator, and technician trainer. Mona has served on the Board of Directors for ATPO as Director at Large and as President. She has also served on the KATPO Board of Directors as Member at Large and President. Mona is a Fellow Member of both organizations. She is published in Viewpoints magazine and Kentucky Diabetes magazine. Mona has been a long-time instructor for JCAHPO, ATPO, KATPO, STEPS program in Louisville, and has done onsite technician training in private practices. Mona was appointed as Executive Director and manager in September 2016.

Elections for 2017-2018 were held at the Membership Meeting in February 2017

Each year new members of the board are elected. We are always looking for candidates to serve on the board. If you have an interest in planning continuing education events, promoting the ophthalmic medical profession, networking with peers, and building strong organizational skills, please let us know! Contact Laura Hopkins, COMT on the Nominating Committee. Click on the email address under her name in the directory above to send her a message. You can contact ANY board member to ask questions or volunteer.

Several positions on the Board of Directors changed. The results of the vote:

We also voted to change the Bylaws, making the Executive Director a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.

If you are interested in running for a position next year, serving on a committee, or simply volunteering to help, please contact Laura Hopkins, COMT, and let her know. You can find more information on each position here: